Sulden is a really nice spot for when the snow dumps from the south. Besides the massive backside of "Schöntaufspitze" there are really nice treelines to ski at the "Langenstein" lift untill the upper lifts (and the view) opens up.
Once the upper lifts open take the 2 gondolas up and then the "Schöntauf 2" lift to the top. Exit the Chairlift to the left and follow the slope to the first left turn. Exit the slope here to the right and work your way down to the saddle.
This is the entry to the backside run, which leads all the way back down to the gondola. I usually start here. On a zero-wind-day you can also start further up, flying down and through the saddle. On windy days this might get you into turbulances.
First there is a massive bowl which is nice to fly and ride. After this first bowl you can choose to turn right to enter the 2nd main bowl. Taking this line is fairly easy, and also the line freeriders take down. You can enjoi the long and wide snowfield down to the trees.
You should stop at the trees and ski back to the gondola, basically following the river.
For the more challenging line follow the terrain more or less straight after the first bowl. This will get you to the waterfall, where you can swoop down the canyon. At the very end of the canyons the terrain gets really steep, leaving you with some altitude for barrel rolls or tree-swooping. If there is enough snow, i usually land in the little snowfield under the waterfall. You are facing the main gondola's cables here, so plan your landing accordingly.
There is a really nice freerider-friendly hotel called "Nives" which has really cheep bunkrooms as well as full comfort double rooms.

Location Data

Vertical height1200m
Lift AccessYes

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Weather Local weather
posted by SRG 13 January 2015