Cherry Canyon Lower Launch

This is the first good launch on the cherry canyon hiking trail, about 30 minutes hike at a decent pace. The launch is a bit low angle so be ready to run and don't sit back too quickly. Launch is best done with light W to NW winds, higher launches along this trail can work in S winds but none of them are awesome for S winds. Because of this, and the diurnal valley winds, afternoons and evenings seem to be best, but morning flights are not uncommon. Landing on the dirt Orson Smith Road works best with N winds as well, due to the slope of the road. Setup to land near the biggest tree on the road and you won't have to worry about overshooting into the parking lot. Also, be aware of the nasty rocky ditch on the east side of the road when landing.

Location Data

Salt Lake City
Vertical height450m
Lift AccessNo
posted by awake1563 10 November 2015