Salève Les Crêts

Very nice west wind spot near Geneva. You can make lots of laps per day. Not so high in denivellation, but many lines to be explored.

Ther is no lift to get up, but the hitchiking from the parking in Le Coin is very easy, cause it is a very famous place for hiking, sightseeing and paraglidijng. In high season you wont ever wait more than 10 minutes.

You need a car to get to the parking, caoz it is far and long to acces it with public transportations.

You have to go up to Le Crêt Restaurant, then walk up north 5 minutes to the paragliding take off.

It is a nice grassy take off, large and long. Maybe not very steep for wings less that 10 sqm, but it finishes with a 6 m cliff.

The landing is straight ahead of you, in a grassy field, cut in summer. Be carefull, it is not such a wide landing and not so flat, be carefull the first times. Also it is surrended with cow lines, be aware.

Between take off and landing, you can go pretty much everywhere. The best line is to go full right after take off, then dive in a tree canyon, exit it on the big cliff, follow the cliff by doing a few tricks down to the trees, then a few meters of proxy and it will be time to go for your landing pattern.

Again, there are many lines to do, and as you can to 10 to 12 laps per day, you will have fun :) if you are lucky enoug, you will get to do some speedsoaring, as sometimes wind is laminare and strong enough.

After landing, just exit the field by the south exit, walk down the little road for 3 minutes and you will arrive at the parking for hitchiking.

Speedriding map Salève Les Crêts:

Location Data Salève Les Crêts

Salève (Les Crêts)
Vertical height500m
Lift AccessNo

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Weather Local weather
posted by sayanwarrior 16 June 2016

Speedflying in Salève Les Crêts video: