Schilthorn - Mürren

The ski region Schilthorn offers some nice runs. Please have a look at the PDF. Zoneplan Schilthorn

Please follow the speedflying rules of engagement

The Schilthorn region is well known by freeriders. So you should have an eye on them to avoid any incidents.

A good place for beginners is Nr. 6 (see PDF – Gimmelen) Looking from top of the Gimmelen Lift, the run is on the right side. Please launch some meters further down, where you don’t cross the ski slopes.

The other two well used spots are Nr. 3 “kleines Schilthorn” and Nr. 4 “Birg”

Nr. 3
Go up to Schilthorn station an ski down to the “kleines Schilthorn”. There is enough space to prepare wing and gear. Please do not enter the wildlife reserve south side of Birg.

Nr. 4
Is on the left side of the station. The launch is quite tricky. Be sure you get enough speed to ski over the cliff and your wing is under control. Keep enough distance to the cables ofthe cable car. At an avalanche danger level of 4 (considerable) it isn’t allowed to ride anymore.

At the end of the day you can fly down to Stechelberg. This is possible from Birg (launch Nr 4) or from Schiltgrat, near the paragliding launch. Watch out for the cables of the calbe car and do not fly under it. Follow the rules of the Zoneplan Mürren.

Location Data

Vertical height1000m
Lift AccessYes

Good to know

Weather Local weather
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posted by powdermaniac 11 December 2015