Scex Rouge west

This is a fantasic line for good pilots. Its very long, very steep and has a 400m long, carved canyon to blast through.
Check the video below if this is for you.
From the top station walk up the ledge to the south a bit, and start your run dropping into the steep side to the west.
Follow the terrain down, it will lead you to the canyon. If you don't want to fly inside the canyon, you should pickup altitude early enough.
The line will bring you to a nice wide landing spot (see map). From there follow the river back out to the village of les Diablerets.
Paragliders and bigger wings can fly all the way back out to the village.

Speedriding map Scex Rouge west:

Location Data Scex Rouge west

Les Diablerets
Vertical height1600m
Lift AccessYes

Good to know

Weather Local weather
Les Diablerets
posted by SRG 29 January 2015

Speedflying in Scex Rouge west video: