Scex Rouge north

Very nice spot to do several times a day, since it starts at the top gondola and end near the ground station.
The upper fileds are nice to ride and play, then you can spiral your way down the waterfall to the lower field.
You can start right under the top station of the gondola, but be careful since there's a cliff right away.
If you want to start more easily, ski down the slope to the east then enter the field straight ahead and start there. Either start in front of the ledge (watch out, there are some cables running along the ledge!) or ride along and around the ledge and turn left into the upper field.
The second run in the video below is another nice line down west

Location Data

Les Diablerets
Vertical height1000m
Lift AccessYes

Good to know

Weather Local weather
Les Diablerets
posted by SRG 29 January 2015