Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will provide you with all the information necessary for you to take part in the Speedriderguide project. You can find instructions on how to post your own runns or videos, what data you're asked to provide and more.

Please register. Only registered users can post their locations. Registering is fast and easy.

Before you post your Speedriding location, you should prepare the following data:
1. Know exactly where the spot is. Locate it on google maps or google earth

2. Prepare a little text to go along with your Location. A good description should feature why you like the run, where difficulties are and how accessible it is. Are there any cables to watch out for?

3. If you have a video of the run, upload it to youtube or vimeo. once uploaded, save the URL of your video. If you do not have a video of your own, you can post any video from Youtube or Vimeo that shows the speedriding location.
Please do not post unrelated videos, as these will be deleted from our admins.

4. Find out the descesnt altitude in meters. An easy way to do this is to open Google Earth and place the mouse on the exact spot where the runn starts. If you look at the bottom of the Google Earth screen, the altitude of your mouse-position is displayed.
Remember this altitude or write it down, then move your mouse to the landing / end of the runn. Again check the altitude. Now take the top altitude and distract the bottom altitude from it. You now have the altitude difference of your location.
Example: If the Starting point has an altitude of 2300m and the end of your runn has an altitude of 1100m then your location has an altitude difference of 1200m.

5. Evaluate if your Speedriding location is alo speedflyable in summer, or if your Speedflying location would be ridable in winter.

6. get the weather forecast link from Search your ski area, click on the weather link and choose the 9-day forecats. Copy the link from your adress bar.

7. Optionally you can give us some local contact if you have, or let us know where to stay.

You can post your own speedriding videos or others you found and like on our video feed.
To do this, you need to register.
Once logged in to our site, there will be a menu "add content"
From there just select "add video" and share your video link from Youtube or Vimeo.
Add a little description if you can...

How to use the maps displayed on Speedriderguide to get the most information out of them

Looking at the maps displayed on the locations you can toggle the maps between terrain map and satelite.
To do so use the menu icon displayed in the right upper corner. To get an even clearer view you can also use the map in fullscreen mode.
This makes it a lot easier to take a good look at the runn.

If you feel unable to post your runn in english, you may post it in another language. As long as you share your runn, we appreciate your post. Maybe someone is even going to translate it for you.
If, however you are somehow able to post in english, even bad english, we prefer you to post in english. It makes the content of this project availiable to more users....

Behave! you'll get banned if you use either comments or forum entries for anything else than speedriding and location related content!